About Us

Ashley Doyle


You know how you just have one of those favorite numbers that you can't seem to get away from? Well, twenty three is mine. It’s been my number in sports, my parent’s anniversary and somehow my husband’s birthday, too! It’s just one of those numbers that has always felt great to me. At this point, it’s probably also the number of times I’ve dusted myself off and picked myself back off after trying something that didn’t see the kind of success I was going for. Some of you may know me from a clothing boutique I started last year that also ended last year. I spent a lot of time soul searching and realized that running my own business was something that I really loved, but I had to find the RIGHT thing. What most of you probably don’t know is, when I was 16 I started my first business and it was selling jewelry that I made and upcycled from vintage pieces I got from my mom and grandma. I invited all my friends and classmates at school to come to my launch party- and nobody came. I was DEVASTATED. It was one of those life-long lessons that I was lucky enough to have at an early age. When I decided to open a new shop this year I said to myself that I’d be doing the damn thing whether anybody showed up or not. So if you’re reading this- thank you for supporting me, thank you for reading this far into a novel of an "about me" and THANK YOU for being you. That’s what twenty.three is all about- feeling amazing and coming as you are. Now enough talking- let’s see some jewelry.